"Latin at Heart is South Austin's big sound, all originals, romantic rock n' roll band!"

"Latin at Heart is a six-piece concept rock band with songs about love and passion delivered in an intense, melodic rock package."

"Latin at Heart is South Austin's big sound melody-driven rock band. All songs are original music, featuring heart pulsating guitar and violin duets paced by big drums, and with lush synth strings arrangements underneath.  Songs are about love and passion, and the band's sound has been described as Romantic Rock n' Roll.  This six-piece concept rock band's sound is unique to the Austin music scene, usually playing to packed venues, with dancing and lots of fun!  The band has shared the stage with Patricia Vonne, Gina Chavez, and Ulrich Ellison, and performances have thrilled crowds at music venues like The Continental Club, The Saxon Pub, One2One Bar, The Backstage at El Mercado, Threadgill's World Headquarters, and C3's Stubbs Indoors.  After ten years of building the music from the stage up, and now one of South Austin's best known bands, the highly anticipated first release, a Single, is soon to be launched and will be available in all major sound platforms.  Shows in support of the Single release will take place in many of Austin's major music venues."  


"I love to hear a show by Latin at Heart!  Billy Wilson writes wonderful songs and sings them beautifully, plus a band of Austin's finest. It's super!" - Kim Yarbrough, Austin Music Photographer and music aficionado

"Not a simple show, Billy and Latin at Heart put on a big, BIG performance from the heart!"
- Libby Belle Bryer, Austin writer and music aficionado

"Afterward off to the Saxon for my buddy Billy Wilson and "Latin at Heart".  A fantastic, unique performance as only Billy and his great band can do!  Bravo my friend!"
- Jim Bryant,  Austin music photographer and musician

"There could not be a more fitting name for the Austin band, Latin at Heart. This group of fine veteran musicians plays straight from the heart, fusing rock, folk, and Latin together effortlessly, making a heavenly, infectious sound all their own. Billy Wilson and team write well-crafted, super catchy tunes carried by lyrics that are realistic and true to life. LAH is the real deal."
- AJ Vallejo

"Latin at Heart has orchestrated a unique, dynamic combo that rocks the house in three languages -- Spanish, English, and the language of rock and roll.  This is a SUPER GROUP of a band."
- Duggan Flanakan/ Flanfire Blog

"Can't go to sleep without telling Billy Wilson how FANTASTIC Latin at Heart's show was last night at Saxon Pub!!  My phone was dead, so I have no pictures, but was a night to remember!  You guys rocked the house!!!  Congratulations on a great performance! Loved the new songs.  Hugs!!"  -  Louise Cooney Brewer, Music promoter

"Billy Wilson and Latin at Heart, packed the Saxon Pub in Austin, TX!!!!  The only bad thing about the show was it was so crowded I couldn’t get to most of the places I would normally shoot from, so I never got a shot with all the band members!  Other than that, it was a great show, in fact I mostly just sat and listened to all the music!  Congratulations!!!"  - Don "Winker" Emmons, Music photographer